Capable Project Management, Without the Hassle

In our own careers, we’ve had plenty of experience with project management tools that sacrifice ease-of-use for capability or sacrifice capability for ease-of-use. So when we set out to build our own, our goal was to find that perfect middle-ground: capable enough to handle any project we threw at it, yet simple enough for even the least experienced of users to understand.

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Multiple Project Types to
Fit Any Team

Another lesson we’ve learned from experience is that project management is not a “one size fits all” solution. Different teams and projects have different needs.

That’s why we built BizVue with multiple project types. You can build a simple yet detailed list of tasks in our Classic projects, or you can take a more contemporary approach, with a customizable Kanban board. Plus, all our project types are convertible and cross-compatible, so if you decide mid-project to change your approach, or if you need to send a task over to a team running a different project type, you can!

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